Robert Turi South Jersey and Philadephia Wedding Photographer

Anyone who has spoken with me about my work or worked with me will speak about my passion for what I do. We are talking about a landmark day in a woman’s life. I feel a responsibility to bring her images that capture not just the day but the passion, love and emotion of the day. I am however not much of a self promoter. How could I possibly find words to express what my images are hopefully expressing for me. Luckily for me past brides are all to happy to help with that.


Salma (View Salma’s images here)

[title type=”h5″]So happy we chose Bobby![/title]

“Bobby was an absolutely amazing photographer! He doesn’t lie when he says he’s passionate about his job. Not only is he a great photographer but he’s professional and personable too. He came early, scoped out the area for some beautiful shots and then gave me a game plan for the formal shoots. He has a great eye for the most serene and delicate backgrounds, yet is also willing to take any shots you ask him to take. I told him I wanted to take a few photos with sparklers, and although he had never incorporated sparklers in his photography before, he was ready to try it out and they turned out fantastic! I also loved the fact that he uses smugmug to upload the wedding photos. Within a few days of the wedding, they were up and ready to be viewed by friends and family. I’ll be getting a flash drive in the mail as well with all the photos on it, ready for easy printing. I’m truly grateful for being so lucky to have had Robert Turi as my wedding photographer. My most cherished memories are captured beautifully and can one day be shared with my kids and grandkids (i’A). ”

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Annie (no pics to show yet as they just got them… but soon 🙂 )

[title type=”h5″]Stunning photos[/title]

“Bobby was amazing. He made me feel (jittery bride) relaxed and happy in front of the camera. This is no easy task, since I really don’t like having my picture taken. It takes skill and professionalism to pull off the great photos that we ended up with.

He captured every moment of fun, joy, love, romance. You won’t find a single posed or trite photo. He photographed the essence of happiness in each shot. When we got giddy in front of the camera, he just rolled with it and got some great shots. He even managed to make me look good even when I was tearing up during the vows.

I absolutely LOVE my wedding album and would recommend Bobby to anybody else in a heartbeat.”

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Derek and Beth (no pics to show yet as they just got them… but soon 🙂 )

[title type=”h5″]Always hire peope who love what they do[/title]

“Bobby was the photographer at my wedding, and in terms of service, value, and the end result pictures from the wedding I don’t think we could’ve asked for any more. We contacted him mainly because he was a preferred vendor at our wedding venue and we wanted to photographer who knew what angles, backgrounds, etc worked best at the venue.

I admittedly don’t have much experience hiring photographers, so I can’t compare him against his peers, but it was obvious he cares extremely about the quality of his work, and it shows when you get the pictures. From our very first conversation I could tell that his business was a byproduct of his craft, not the other way around, and to me, hiring someone who has a passion for what they’re doing is key to finding those that do a good job. In the weeks leading up to the wedding and on the wedding day Bobby exuded as much and sometimes it seemed even more excitement than me or my bride. I’m a tech guy, so I’m used to having that awkward moment where I get all excited about some piece of technology and what I could do with it and my friends or family are giving me that look like they have no clue what I’m talking about. Well, I felt like I was on the other side of that conversation with Bobby as several times he enthusiastically told me all about the latest equipment he’d started using and what it could do. To me that is a testament not just to his love of his job, but how knowledgeable and cutting-edge he is in his field. He was also very knowledge and creative (we had on/off again rain storms on our wedding day to work around) and helped us get the formal shots we truly wanted.

Another very nice thing about hiring Bobby was how he conducts his photographing during the wedding. Many of our guests thought he left hours before he actually did because he was able to stay along the fringes of the reception while still getting fantastic shots of the activities and memorable moments. He had explained early on that he likes to take mostly candid shots, and he succeeded in that for us and those are the most memorable photos we have in my opinion. ”

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Laura (no pics to show yet as she is surprising her family with them… but soon 🙂 )

[title type=”h5″]Robert Turi Photography[/title]

“The first time i talked to Bobby , I knew that we would get along great. The convo was easy and free flowing and I had already scoped his website so i knew the quality was there. I was afraid to hear the pricing. Let me tell you- the value of what I received from him was absolutely awesome. I definitely recommend doing an engagement shoot, my fiancé and I were excited to “check him out” and see what he could do for us. The engagement pics were perfect! As in- we received over 100 photos within 5 days of the shoot. And there were about 80 that I could have used for my save the dates! Now for the wedding. Can I say that he arrived dressed better than some of my guests and he was ready to go, snapping shots right away. His assistant donna is absolutely awesome and she took time to take shots of my dress, jewelry, family heirlooms and shoes. After our ceremony there was a storm rolling in so we had a short window of time to get outdoor bridal party shots. Bobby let me call the shots, I told him who I wanted In pics and he got the shots so quickly! From day one, he told me that he likes time to focus on bride and groom. Raindrops were starting to fall as he’s laying on the ground to get the perfect angle. During the reception he picked the perfect timing to pull Denny and I away for just 5 minutes bc he had found a shot he wanted to get. The picture is gorgeous, he stood out In The rain to take the pic of us through a window. That is just the way he is. The attention to detail is what makes him such a great photographer. As for after the ceremony, I’ve heard horror stories of girls waiting a year or more for their photos. Bobby texted me a pic the next morning! Then, 3 days into my honeymoon he face booked me with a few more. We had ALL of our pictures within a week of the wedding! They are incredible! Over 1500 shots! I can’t review The albums or books, bc I haven’t worked with him on that yet, but let me say my hopes are high! Bobby has exceeded our expectations in every facet of this process, I cannot say enough that you should choose him for your wedding .”

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Nicole (View Nicole’s pics here and here for some special Leica black and whites)

[title type=”h5″]10 Stars!![/title]

Is it possible to give 10 Stars? We were beyond satisfied with the service & quality of Bobby’s work! An amazingly talented professional that exceeds expectations! An absolute pleasure to work with. He is very friendly & very humble. It takes an enormous amount of trust in the person capturing those moments and to do them justice… Bobby did exactly that! Anyone and everyone who has seen the photos are beyond impressed!

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Taylor: (view Taylor’s images)

[title type=”h5″]Best wedding decision EVER!![/title]

When it came to finding our wedding photographer my now husband and I struggled a lot. We practically had a photographer booked, but with missed appointments on more than one occasion, we were forced to keep looking.
I came across Robert Turi Photography on ‘the knot’ and I IMMEDIATELY fell inlove with his work. So I shot him an email that night, expressing what we were looking for in a photographer and how much I loved his photos, in hopes that he would get back to me within 48-72 hours like the rest of the photographers I had emailed. But to my surprised, Bobby CALLED me within 15 minutes of my sending him that email! I was completely shocked but very impressed. We talked and our conversation was like that of two old friends picking up where they last left off. I felt an immediate connection and I just knew at that point that I was talking to my wedding photographer, I had finally found him! After we got off the phone, I spoke with my husband and the very next morning we booked Bobby.
That has proven to be the very best decicison that we made for this wedding. Bobby was everything I needed and wanted in a photographer and more. The morning of the wedding he arrived (on time!) and was just eyeing his surroundings looking for moments to capture. Interestingly, I don’t remember ever actually expressing this to him, but I wanted more candid photos than I did portraits. And that is exactly what he gave me. And he managed not only to capture the photograph but the emotions and the feeling of every moment that day. Those candid moments were captured so impeccably that they look posed!
He also put my husband and I at ease. We’re both a little awkard in front of the camera, but Bobby told us to be ourselves. “Just do what you do”, is what he said. And once we did that we were fine, and he captured us at our best. In fact, EVERYONE that he took a picture of that night, he caught at their best! And so again I say that booking Robert Turi Photography was the best decision my husband and I made for this wedding, Because at the end of the night, when all the food has been eaten and everyone goes home, and theres that feeling of ‘back to reality’ all that you’re left with are your memories of that day. Thanks to Bobby we have so many memories captured beautifully, to remember forever 🙂 “

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Hanna: (view Hanna’s images)

[title type=”h5″]Absolutely Amazing[/title]

“Robert has been amazing through the whole process of the wedding planning and through the whole wedding. Not only did he produce the most amazing pictures I have seen but he kept his promise. He promised me I’d feel comfortable and that I wouldn’t even know he was there at the wedding. Since both my husband and I are camera shy, I did not even notice he was there more than half of the wedding. The candid pictures he took through the night are beautiful and captured the fun and love of the night. He was very creative with the location of our wedding. He truly did an absolutely amazing job and was very caring and sweet. I would recommend him to anyone.”

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Kelly: (view Kelly’s images)

[title type=”h5″]Amazing!! [/title]

“I have only good things to say about Robert Turi. Within our first conversation I could sense that he is very passionate about what he does. He was always available to answer any questions and made us feel comfortable and confident with his work. We planned our engagement session the day before because my now husband and I both work 12 hour shifts on alternating day so it was hard getting together. We ended up doing it on a day it was cloudy and raining on and off but Robert found a way to make it work and provide great photos. His flexibility and professionalism with our engagement session allowed me to relax a little more on the wedding day because I had gained the confidence in him that he would capture the day beautifully. He is creative, there are moments he captured during the ceremony and reception that I didn’t even realize a photographer was there which allowed us to live in the moment. I am in love with my pictures they truly show his talent, but his personality and spirit were a bonus. Thank you Robert for all of your hard work and for giving us the ability to relive our wedding day through such amazing pictures. In the end I chose Robert because he made me feel comfortable during our conversations and I don’t have any regrets.”

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Claire: (view Claire’s images)

[title type=”h5″]Hire Bobby! [/title]

I can’t say enough great things about working with Bobby! He’s clearly so passionate about photography and loves what he does. He worked with me to find a vision of what we wanted our wedding photographs to look like, and the end results were fantastic! He was always accessible by text or phone, and arrived early at the wedding venue the day of the wedding. We got a great mix of formal family pictures, candids, and some more artistic shots of me and my husband that look straight out of a magazine. I’ve gotten so many compliments on them. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bobby to any bride looking for a photographer with an artistic eye and very reasonable prices. “

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Shamara: (view Shamara’s images)

[title type=”h5″]Bobby is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!![/title]

Where do I begin, Bobby is everything plus more!! He truly cares about your special day. He will do what ever needs to be done to make your day PERFECT! For example, my wedding Coordinator was not in my suite to lace the back of my wedding dress, just when I began to stress here comes Bobby to the rescue.. He totally laced my dress completely and did a really good job!! I was so grateful for him and all of his talents !!! He kept me calm at all times and made sure I was happy. This is just one example…
Now his skills as a photograph,are “Immaculate.” He has a “eye” for the perfect picture!! Just when you think you know what you want your wedding pictures to look like, he will take up your vision to a totally different level!! He comes with with so many ideas and give you so much to pick from! You know the saying ” a picture is worth a thousand words,” we’ll Bobby pictures are worth a million words! I just love love my pictures and appreciate everything that he have done. He will always be apart of our lives! “

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“You may see this and say there is just no way that he could really be worth 5 out of 5 stars. Well, let me tell you that you are very wrong. I had a very bad experience with a previous photographer for my engagement photos. Then, Bobby swooped in a saved the day for me. We had a couple long conversations over the phone prior to shooting where he calmed my nerves and we discussed exactly what I wanted. He shot my photos on site at an aquarium without a problem. Bobby was on time with a bright smile just as excited as I was to get some pictures taken. He was very professional and put me at ease because I felt like he had everything under control. Not to mention that my photographs turned out more amazing than I could have ever imagined them. If you are looking for a photographer who is professional, takes amazing photographs, and is genuinely a good guy then you really should really consider Robert Turi.”

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[title type=”h5″]The best of the best! [/title]

Robert Turi is one of the best photographers I have ever used, he is very passionate about what he does and knows how to make you feel comfortable. Our wedding had the fairytale feel to it and the pictures he took, to me, helped bring the experience to life and every time I show my pictures every one loves them! I feel if I had any other photographer, my pictures would not of turned out as beautiful as they did. Every picture he took is exactly how I wanted it! I recommend Robert to any one who is getting married!”

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